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Aroma Coffee was founded in the Racine and Van Buren neighborhood of Chicago in the 1920's.  It moved to Forest Park in 2002, where it remains today.  The company was one of the pioneers of the quality and specialty coffee movement.  Between 1996 and 1998,

20,000 European immigrants settled in Chicago and being in new surroundings they were looking to find that taste of home.  Aroma Turkish coffee provided that connection back to the homeland because it was produced the authentic way.  Special stone mill Grinders are used to grind the gently roasted coffee to the extra fine consistency required for this unique brewing method.  

The highly caffeinated beverage is prepared by boiling water in a copper pot called an "ibrik ".  Then a heaping teaspoon of the stone ground coffee is added and allowed to come to a boil causing a layer of crema to form on the surface.  It's the oldest and purest method of brewing coffee.  


After the passing of Gus Pappanicholas in 2011,  the company fell on hard times and the once flagship brand of Turkish coffee has not been seen in distribution for almost three years.  Many other roasters tried to duplicate the brand during that time and were largely unsuccessful.  C&S Roasters acquired the rights to the brand in 2014 along with the production facility.  We had many inquiries regarding availability of the Aroma Turkish Coffee and decided to relaunch the brand due to the consumer interest.  The original recipe and methods of production are used to provide the original product that was so loved by its faithful followers.  Since then, many competitors have tried to copy the product and in some cases even the trademark design.  Please be aware that the authentic product is only available through us.  Main consumers of Aroma Turkish were Polish, Latvians, Serbians,  Russians,  Ukrainians, Greeks and Turks; however,  renewed interest in quality coffee and consumers desire to experience different textures of coffee may open up new markets for this style of coffee. 

Turkish Coffee

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