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 You can taste our coffees in your favorite diners, restaurants and cafes all over Chicago-land.  Discover our most popular blends listed here.  Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Kona Blend

  • hawaiian coffee blend

  • light roast

  • smooth, sweet and full bodied


  • light, Americano roast

  • mild and balanced

  • pleasant acidity and body


  • medium-light roast

  • medium body

  • rich acidity


  • light, full city roast

  • medium body with rich acidity

  • robust in flavor yet smooth


French Roast

  • medium-dark roast

  • smooth

  • full bodied


  • medium-dark roast

  • rich body

  • zesty undertones

Cafe Metro

  • dark roast

  • rich and complex

  • sweet finish

Colombian Decaf

  • medium roast

  • decaffeinated through an all natural CO2 process

  • smooth, medium body

Coffee samples can be provided for wholesale accounts.  


To request a sample, you may contact us here or call us at 773-235-9356. 

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